Formostar ™ InfraRed Body Wrap

The Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap makes it possible to lose inches rapidly in a safe way. The infrared deep heat activates the functions of enzymes and metabolism. You can burn 900-1400 calories or more in just one 50 minute session. That is why fat is reduced more rapidly.  The secret of Formostar is its rapid inch loss and skin rejuvenation qualities due to immediate blood and oxygen flow allowing for detoxification and improved skin condition.

Infrared heat is highly effective as a source of healing that improves circulation, cardiovascular and immune systems. More effective than other traditional heat treatments, the infrared heat penetrates twice as deep getting at toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the skin. The Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap uses 6 silicone wrap pads to target specific areas of the body. These pads generate infrared energy that penetrate deep into the body where it is converted into heat. The heating of the deep-muscle tissues and organs is identical to the infrared energy produced by our own bodies during exercise and produces the same metabolic response.  Fat and toxins are released into the blood stream, sweat and urine for elimination. This effect provides inch loss that is not just water loss, to the contrary, it is fat loss and toxin elimination.