Lipomassage by Endermologie®

  • “Lipo” = Fat
  • “Massage” = Therapeutic kneading of the body
  1. Acts on fat cell metabolism
  2. Addresses trapped fat & streamlines the body
  3. Treats fat resistant to diet & exercise
  • Mechanical stimulation (Roll-In) caused by lipomassage boosts the metabolism of the fat cells.Boosts metabolism of whole body enabling body to funtion more properly

Lipomassage &  Lipolysis

  • Two types of fat cell receptors:
  1. Alpha- Add/ Store fat
  2. Beta- Burn Fat
  1. Lipolysis is the natural process that releases fat stored in fat cells.
  2. The release of fat is caused by the activation of BETA receptors. Lipomassage using Roll-In reactivates the process  of lipolysis by activating the BETA receptors

Roll-In: for areas of excess, dense & Stubborn fat

  • This is for body slimming

Roll-Out: for delicate, loose area of skin

  • This is to make the skin firmer

Roll-Up: for redesigning the body’s folds

  • This is for body contouring